colorpuncture and acupuncture in Austin TX


Holistic Healing Center in Austin, Texas

Praveeta Rose is an experienced and established Acupunturist, trained in Chinese Acupuncture and Herbology, and certified to train and teach Esogetic Colorpuncture. Colorpuncture, which imparts the benefits of acupuncture without the need for needles, is particularly valuable for treating children, for prenatal therapies, or for clients with compromised immune systems or treatment anxieties.


Holistic Healing Center offers treatments designed to target many common health and well-being issues. They include:


  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression and Emotional Issues
  • Endocrine Treatments
    for hormonal imbalances
  • Detox Treatments
    that help clear mind and body
  • Chronic and Degenerative Diseases
  • Children at any age
    with problems of any kind
  • Central Nervous System Disorders
  • Regulation of Internal Organs
    as seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Esogetic Medicine and Colorpuncture
is our specialty.

Esogetic Medicine is a holistic healing system created in the 1960’s by a German scientist, naturopath, acupuncturist and homeopath named Peter Mandel.


What Happens In A Colorpuncture Session