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The Holistic Healing Center, Austin Tx

Holistic Healing Center
1515 Bluebonnet Lane, Austin,Texas 78704,
phone: 512-203-0331,
email: praveeta@holistic-healing-center.com

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We offer Colorpucture and Acupuncture Treatments as well as Colorpuncture Further Education Courses.

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Founded in 1996, the Holistic Healing Center applies the wisdom of Esogetic Medicine.

Peter Mandel and Dr. Fritz Popp


Esogetic Medicine is a holistic healing system created in the 1960’s by a German scientist, naturopath, acupuncturist and homeopath named Peter Mandel, Peter Mandel Institute

colorpunctureHe called his paradigm of healing “Esogetics”, as the merging of the esoteric wisdom of life with the energetic principles of life processes.

Colorpuncture is the most important tool in Esogetic Medicine.

Peter Mandel worked very closely with Dr. Fritz Popp, a German scientist who was nominated for a Nobel prize for his discoveries about photon (light) biophysics. Fritz Popp www.fritzpopp.at

“...we know today that man is essentially a being of light . And the modern science of photobiology is presently proving this. In terms of healing... the implications are immense. We know now for example, that light can initiate, or arrest cascade-like reactions in the cells, and that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired within hours, by faint beams of light....”
Dr. Fritz Popp




And in the Words of Colorpuncture Students …

holistic healer Austin Texas“I know of no other therapy that so quickly and completely addresses the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of a person as Colorpuncture. It is a marvelous tool for resetting and balancing the energetic software of the individual, so that their full potential and health can blossom."
Dr. M. Merlin, O.D.

“After 12 years doing massage therapy, I saw Colorpuncture as a less physically demanding option that I could still incorpo- rate with my bodywork. I discovered that Colorpuncture really enabled my clients to go to deeper levels and discover the inner answers to their own issues in a gentle and non-invasive way. "
S. Kocina, Massage Therapist

“Esogetic Colorpuncture addresses brain function specifically in ways that TCM doesn’t. This gives me a Western scientific vocabulary to use with clients when I am discussing treatments. I found this was very reassuring for clients who may not believe in alternative healing. I also found that Colorpuncture brings balance way beyond Yin and Yang, helps my clients to hold the benefits of any acupuncture treatment better, and enables them to get off their herbs sooner without regressing into the chronicity of their condition."
P. Rose, Acupuncturist

"We know today that man is essentially a being of light ... the modern science of photobiology ... science is presently proving this. In terms of healing ... the implications are immense. We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say, emphatically, that the function of our entire metabloism is dependent on light."
Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, Biophysicist